About us

Police Symphony Orchestra

We are a bunch of musicians, singers, volunteers and heartthrobs called the Police Symphony Orchestra. Police as in Police nad Metuji, a small town on the outskirts of Czechia where we come from. We were founded there in 2010 by siblings Petra and Jakub Soukupovi. Most of the 150 members are not professional musicians, but enthusiasts who play with gusto and heart. In our repertoire you will find various musical genres – popular music, film music, rock, swing and classical. Currently, Joel Hana, Jachym Svoboda and Krystof Koska wield the conductor's baton in the PSO. Orchestral works are complemented by a choir, led by choirmaster Lukas Hrubes, and a trio of permanent singers – Josef Feco, Vendula Prihodova and Karolina Soukupova.

14 years
on the scene
choir singers

We bring hundreds of people together through music, helping and creating unforgettable experiences together. We have sold out Lucerna, performed on safari, played on the railway stations, in the amplifiers of city radio stations across the country, in the giant chapitó and O2 Arena, in the rocks, at Křižík's fountain or at the Grand Finale of Smetana Litomyšl. We are also happy to support fundraising projects, through which we have already donated over EUR 118 600 to help those in need.

Important milestones

We played in Pardubice hockey hall with 3500 fans.
27. 1. 2024
We played at the Prague Congress Centre, in Vary and the choir went on its first tour.
27. 3. 2023
Thanks to the Hradec Králové Region, we are beginning to professionalize our team.
1. 1. 2023
In the chapitó at the Broumov airport, we planted the author charity performance THE DREAM.
16. 9. 2022 – 18. 9. 2022
Surprising audience of the Grand Finale of Smetana Litomysl by performing with ZAZ.
3. 7. 2022
We started our own choir!
1. 1. 2022
And we also started 67th International Folklore Festival Cerveny Kostelec with Tomas Klus.
18. 8. 2021
Quarantine trilogy #naslysenou, #navidenou and #nashledanou revived lockdown.
30. 1. 2021 – 13. 6. 2021
We played live on the airwaves of Radiožurnál for almost 500 000 listeners.
28. 8. 2020
We played our first online concert for 70,000 people.
31. 5. 2020
We gave ourselves a sold-out Lucerna for our 10th birthday.
12. 1. 2020
Somewhere around here, a feature movie about the PSO has begun filming.
1. 12. 2019
This time, Petra made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and we could not be prouder!
4. 2. 2019
Our co-founder, Petra Soukupová, won the Via Bona Award in the Young Heartthrob category.
21. 5. 2018
Thanks to the support of our fans, we were able to purchase our own instruments.
1. 12. 2016
We had a ball to celebrate our 5th birthday.
14. 2. 2015
First major fundraising event. Open air concert in the beautiful nature of the Broumov Rocks.
21. 8. 2014
We are recording a CD, that was really hard work...
26. 10. 2013
We are going abroad, performing and bonding in Denmark.
1. 8. 2012
We donated the proceeds from the concert with Marta Kubisova repair of the organ in Police.
24. 9. 2011
Our first concert, where else but in Police nad Metují, and it is sold out.
9. 1. 2011
A historical event that will one day be written about in textbooks. We are born!
20. 2. 2010

Annual reports