We are a symphonic orchestra consisted of young and enthusiastic musicians from the East Bohemian region. Our hometown is Police nad Metují where the orchestra was founded in 2010 by siblings Petra and Jakub Soukupovi. We aren't professionals, but we play with our hearts. There is around 60 of us nowadays and we practice in the Police monastery. You can find many different music genres in our repertoire - from classics, pop, rock, and swing to movie soundtracks. We are conducted by Věra Vlčková and Joel Hána and our singer is Jan Sklenář.

We have played over one hundred concerts so far. Beside our performances in the Czech Republic we have been on three tours in Denmark and we regularly appear in Poland. Significant Czech artists such as Dasha, Ondřej Ruml, Martin Kumžák, Marta Kubišová, Miloň Čepelka, Petr Janda, Stanislav Vavřínek, Kühn choir of Prague and many other participated in our performances. We also cooperated with the Czech National Ballet led by Václav Zahradník. We love to hold remarkable concerts and support charities with benefit events. Thanks to that we were able to give 1,146,656 CZK (more than 40,000 Euros) to those who needed it.

The important milestone was 2016 when we bought our own musical instruments and other equipment thanks to crowdfunding campaign, and so we are finally able to stand on our own now.

In 2018 our founder, Petra Soukupová, also called "mom", was awarded the Via Bona prize in category for young enthusiasts for the Police Symphony Orchestra project. At the same time we were awarded the public award for the highest number of votes in the online public survey.

In January 2020 we sold out the legendary Prague Lucerna Great Hall where we celebrated our 10th birthday.